Creating a brand new management model, we make every client enjoys the most professional, efficient and all-around service.


Professional & Experienced:

Chuanmo has established experienced international professional team, including patent attorneys, trademark attorneys, litigation lawyers and professionals, covering machinery, electronics, chemistry, biological engineering, computer engineering, etc. In addition, Chuanmo hires several senior patent examiners and trademark examiners as lecturers to regularly explain the latest legal amendments and examination standard trends to ensure the quality service.

We bring the best of our practice experience and industry knowledge to the clients. The documents translation and prosecution are all done by our attorneys who are well qualified and experienced in the respective technical fields.


Efficient & Confidential

Our progressive serving system ensures the quality and timing of each case to be monitored in the process.

Our quick response will be reached to you by emails, phone calls or instant messengers. You will be updated with any progress at any stage.

Our security system ensures that your case is handled in an isolated local area network, and your information and communication records are encrypted, while our staff are under access control and monitoring. Your data security is our top priority.


Flexible & Cost-effective

We scale our operations to maximize flexibility and provide customized solutions for each individual and company.With appropriate cost-benefits reviews, responsive solutions and deep understanding to our clients and the industry, our rates are more flexible and targeted than the traditional firms. We offer a variety of billing options to meet the clients' needs.

v Fixed Fee - For many of our standard services

v Blended Fees - Build a package that is right for you

v Cap Fees - Limit fees on specific projects

v Hourly- For complex or customized cases


Personalized Consultation and Communication

v Proactive Communication - We encourage frequent communication to get the most from our expertise

v Transparency and Clarity - We welcome consultation and provide cost estimates free of legal charge