Technical Fields:

  1. Mechanical Engineering
  2. Electronic Components
  3. Precision Device
  4. Material Science
  5. Software Technologies
  6. Semiconductors

Professional Experience:

Mr. Wang has a Bachelor's degree in Electromechanical Engineering from North China University of Technology and a Master's degree in Law from Southwest University of Political Science and Law. He has practiced in the area of intellectual property for nearly 20 years and has over 17 years' experience in the study of patent law and enterprise intellectual property management. Mr. Wang has deep expertise in patent prosecution, patent search, patent reexamination, patent invalidation, patent licensing and assignment in the field of mechanical engineering and electronic engineering. He is capable of offering tailored advices on technical solution and protection scope to clients.


Mr. Wang has organized patentability analyses and conducted patent mining projects for a number of industry leading companies and has been involved in hundreds of foreign patent applications and responses to office actions. In addition, Mr. Wang is skilled in communication with inventors of patent applications, and he also has experience in patentability evaluation of technical proposals and patent risk assessment of new function and new technology.