Technical Fields:

  1. Organic and Inorganic Chemistry
  2. Genetic Engineering
  3. Bioengineering
  4. Medical Science
  5. Material Science
  6. Polymers
  7. Industrial Chemicals

Professional Experience:

Mr. Lai graduated in Chemical Engineering from Beijing Institute of Technology (BIT). He is an intellectual property expert in the chemical engineering industry.


He has been invited to participate in BIT Academy of Science and Technology’s research on foreign patents, and published a number of related articles. He has also contributed in the construction of National Patent Search and Service System. 


Since practicing in the area of intellectual property in 1996, Mr. Lai has been committed to putting clients’ interest first and providing the clients with efficient patent solutions. Mr. Lai not only has deep expertise in a wide range of patent practice such as patent search, drafting, response to office action, reexamination, but also is experienced in patent invalidation and patent infringement litigation. He has been involved in many research projects on patent mining in new high-tech companies, and is responsible for the training and data quality monitoring for dozens of patent analyses, patent navigation and intellectual property evaluations.


Mr. Lai is proficient in the analyses of patent mining, arrangement, combination and analysis methods in the field of biology, chemistry and pharmacy. He has developed a dozen of operational approaches for patent consulting scenes and has provided patent strategic planning which integrates the elements of business, management and track service for Chuanmo’s patent business. Mr. Lai also provides theoretic and practical training for many agencies at home and abroad and therefore is highly praised by peers.