Chuanmo Intellectual Property Law Firm - TEAM


Yi Lei

Technical Fields: 

Optical Device, Communication / Optical Communication, Electrical Engineering, Physics, Architectural Engineering

Professional experience:

Yi Lei, with a bachelor’s degree in physical electronics from Jiangsu University, once worked for Guangzhou Hongli Opto-electronic Co., Ltd. as a LED engineer. He was responsible for LED appliance and development and product innovation. After that, he worked as an engineering English translator for Guangdong Foreign Construction Co., Ltd, where he was once responsible for documents translation and interpretation for Midwife School of University of Goroka Project, and documents translation for Enga Province Hospital Project which is important and preferential.

After joining Chuanmo, Mr. Lei focuses on representing large companies in patent drafting, patent filing, searching, analysis and other matters for inventions, utility models and designs, especially translating, proofreading foreign patent documents. Moreover, he takes part in handling a number of complicated and difficult cases concerning foreign patent protection, infringement litigation, licensing transfer, and early warning analysis.