Chuanmo Intellectual Property Law Firm - TEAM


Jessica Tsang

Technical Fields: 

Semiconductor Equipment, Computer Appliance, Polymer and Composite

Professional Experience:

Ms. Tsang has practiced in the area of intellectual property for six years since 2012. She has processed abstract compilations and information refinements for a large number of patent literatures, as well as updated and developed the patent database. She engages further with the intellectual property field and has been involved in prosecuting a large number of new patent applications and responding to office actions. Ms. Tsang devotes her career in developing a perfect patent protection system for her clients and patent-related matters including patent application, patent reexamination, invalidation, license and assignment.

Ms. Tsang also has expertise in patent invalidation and reexamination. Her clients benefit from her extensive experience in communication with SIPO and Patent Reexamination Board of SIPO.