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Jiangyue Bai

Technical Fields: 

Mine Development, Environmental Monitoring, Information Technology Developmen

Professional Experience:

Mr. Bai graduated from China University of Mining and Technology, and then worked in the mining industry.  He mainly specializes in the optimization of mining production, the increase of the proportion of high-tech in mining process, the application of information technology in mines and the creation of intelligent digital mines, etc. Mr. Bai joined Guangzhou Chuanmo in March 2016 as a patent attorney, and he focuses his practice on patent application, reexamination, invalidation, assignment, license and infringement. He has handled the transmission and response to the office actions and the rectifications for hundreds of foreign patent applications and has further gained experience in intellectual property. With a solid technical background, extensive experience as a patent attorney and a down-to-earth style of work, Mr. Bai has also taken on the task of verification for new applications and the IP training work.