Chuanmo Intellectual Property Law Firm - TEAM


Zitao Zhu

Technical Fields: 

Material Science, Metallurgy, Polymer Material

Professional Experience:

Mr. Zhu gained his Bachelor and Master’s degree in metallurgy from Central South University and has long been practicing in the intellectual property field. With in-depth theoretical study and practical experience in the acquisition, application, protection and management of intellectual property, he has been involved in over 450 patent applications and handled 300 office action responses.

Since Mr. Zhu joined Chuanmo, he has focused his practice on drafting, reexamination, invalidation, patent search, analysis of substantive deficiencies, etc. He prosecuted invention patents, utility models, and design applications, especially foreign patent applications. In the meantime, he is very familiar with the domestic patent application procedures and the analysis and application of the patent law.