Chuanmo Intellectual Property Law Firm - TEAM


Crystal Gao

Technical Fields: 

elecommunications, Optical Telecommunications, Optical Devices, Automation

Professional Experience:

Ms. Gao worked for the patent section of the technology department of Hong Kong Fuliquan Assets Co., Ltd. for eight years, during which she filed nearly 1000 patents applications involving asset information processing systems, data conversion applications, and electronic products and was very familiar with foreign filing procedures. Ms. Gao later served as director of the training center of Guangzhou Renjin Education Technology Co., Ltd, traning high-tech companies on intellectual property matters and providing reasonable recommendations on patent information collection from the perspective of the development of the company.  

Now in Chuanmo Ms. Gao focuses her practice on patent application, response to office action, patent reexamination, patent search, license and particularly assignment. Ms. Gao has handled over 300 patent applications, and 200 US and European applications, a half of which are involved with patent assignments. She has also guided hundreds of foreign patent applications in her team.