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Mia .

Technical Fields: 

Chemistry, Optical Devices, Electronic Engineering

Professional Experience:

Ms. Mia attended the Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnbergin 2012 as an exchange student for one year to study law and economics. After her return to China, she established the first patent analysis team in her university, focusing on the classification of patents and the contrast among application channels. She has participated in a number of large training conference on intellectual property matters in China and has published many related papers.

She entered the intellectual property field right after graduation, specializing in patent drafting, response to office action, foreign patent application, patent reexamination and invalidation. Today Ms. Mia has extensive experience as an attorney, especially in the fields of chemistry, chemical engineering and optical devices. She hashandled over 300 new applications, responses to 200 office actions, and dozens of reexamination and invalidations cases.