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Jian Hu

Technical Fields: 

Trademark Prosecution, Foreign-related Trademarks, Trademark Litigation, Trade Secrets, Unfair Competition, and Contract Disputes

Professional Experience:

Mr. Hu graduated from Beijing Foreign Studies University and has been engaged in trademark processing business for a long time. During his many years of trademark processing practice, Mr. Hu has accumulated rich experience in handling various complicated and knotty cases. Mr. Hu has provided a large number of trademark applications, renewal, assignment, refusal review, revocation review, opposition and defense, invalidation declaration and defense, collective trademark for foreign clients. He provides services such as legal advice, investigation, administrative complaint, judicial proceedings for clients in trademark infringement cases. Mr. Hu also has extensive experience in helping high-tech companies to declare well-known trademarks in provinces and cities, especially trademark infringement disputes and unfair competition. In the past 10 years, he has handled hundreds of various types of intellectual property cases.