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Chuanmo Intellectual Property Law Firm


Chuanmo is a full-service IP firm that counsels clients in relation to patents, trademarks, designs, copyrights, litigations and other IP-related areas. Since its founding, “Integrity, Professionalism, Outstanding Service, Win-win Cooperation” have been the core values. At Chuanmo, we combine deep expertise in today’s dynamic industries with a proven ability to deliver innovative and strategic solutions to our clients. With many years of practice in this field of law, the firm has grown into one of the largest leading IP firms in the South China.


The firm has won trust and credit from its clients with its quality, efficient and cost-effective services. As developing rapidly, Chuanmo dedicates to delivering higher quality and more professional services to protect and expand its clients’ intellectual property assets.


Professional Team & Caring Service


Chuanmo’s strength in IP practice relies on the powerful teamwork of its professionals, stemming from their extensive practicing experience, solid technical and academic background and profound knowledge in IP related laws of China and other countries. Now it has an elite team comprising of patent attorneys, trademark attorneys, litigators, former examiners and other professionals. Most of them are experts and overseas scholars with many years’ R&D experience in the fields of physics, mechanics, electronics, chemistry, biotech, genetic engineering, pharmaceuticals, computer information technology engineering, telecommunication, etc., and are able to meet various needs of clients from all kinds of backgrounds. As members of Chuanmo, we pride ourselves on taking every detail from the clients’ point of view and working hard to solve every problem for our clients.


Your Choice & Our Reputation


Since its beginning, Chuanmo has been committed to providing professional and high-quality intellectual property services to domestic and foreign clients. With its good reputation in the industry, Chuanmo has won the honorary titles of “Brand Service Organization” and “Intellectual Property Quality Service Organization”.


Remaining True to Our Aspiration & Keep Pressing Ahead

In the future, Chuanmo will continue to provide its clients with professional and efficient services. In the meantime, Chuanmo will strengthen its core competitiveness and enhance the social influences, striving for high quality service, management and expertise. Furthermore, Chuanmo always bears its original aspiration in mind and keeps pressing ahead to become a leading IP firm in China.



To provide professional and high-quality intellectual property protection to clients’ innovative works


To be a world-class intellectual property law firm

Core Values:

Integrity, Professionalism, Outstanding Service, Win-win Cooperation


Professionalism  Efficiency  Globalization  Innovation



A team with high quality and professionalism is bound to be a brilliant organization that creates continuous improvements and rapid developments.


Chuanmo is leading an outstanding team with top-class quality, extensive experience and international horizons, which includes official examiners, patent attorneys, trial lawyers and patent engineers and other staff with certain reliable expertise. Among them, our core talents are experts and overseas professionals with years of experiences in physics, machinery, electrical engineering, biological genetic engineering and information engineering, etc. Therefore, the client’s needs in different fields and levels can be met by us. Besides, Chuanmo has engaged a number of first class patent and trademark examiners as consultants so as to ensure high quality in cases of patent and trademark, and to improve the rate of patent authorization and trademark registration.



Chuanmo is functioning under a highly efficient and scientific managing system, in which the quality and timing can be monitored in the process.  Thus, the three critical factors in intellectual property: filing, timing and expense can be handled tightly under our managing mechanisms. We follow up every step in every case with prompt response and correct timing: answering the client’s inquiry, filing correct documents, paying official fees, making sure the smooth communication between the clients and the official authority. We always put our client’s interest and benefits in the first place.



Based in China and Connected to the World! Based on the good cooperation relationship with professional law firms from all over the world, Chuanmo has built up an international network of IP services. We can provide one-stop service including domestic filing, PCT, trademark application, litigation, etc., for both domestic clients and clients from all over the world.



What sets Chuanmo apart from other firms? Besides professionalism, we root innovation in the culture of our company.

While taking down the barriers of traditional service in IP industry, Chuanmo has strengthened the sense of service and strive to create sustainable value for both individual and the company. Chuanmo sticks to innovation as its way to march forward, creating a brand new management model for IP industry. Each and every one of our clients will be able enjoy the most professional, efficient and all-around service.


Chuanmo has built up an efficient personnel system where communications and information exchange between departments can go on smoothly, which is the foundation of Chuanmo’s development.



Talent Schemes


Chuanmo keeps the principle of cherishing and developing talents, and we keep looking for practitioners with integrity and talent. Furthermore, we have established a comprehensive human resource managing and training system, to fully motivate our staff and encourage them to solve problems. By building an active and energetic working environment, Chuanmo tries its best to provide everyone with a valuable and fair career development, creating opportunities for everyone to realize his personal value and social value.


We look forward to more talents joining us and creating a bright future together!