Chinese IP Court 'Backs' VMI in Tire Building Machinery Dispute

By ERJ | ERJ | Updated: 2022-12-27

In three decisions, made 13-14 Dec, the IP Tribunal of the Supreme People's Court of China has "found in favour of VMI and against SafeRun" in patent-ownership disputes, VMI announced 16 Dec.


In the case relating to ownership of patents CN104354311B, CN201610332841.1 and CN201620457270.X, VMI said it proved that its key 'vertical moving drum' and 'steering device' technologies qualified to be 'protectable trade secrets'.


The Supreme People's Court, added VMI's statement, also concluded that SafeRun had "misappropriated these trade secrets" and, so, awarded the patents as filed by SafeRun back to VMI.


According to VMI, Safe-Run had used its patented technology to copy entire VMI tire building machines and then filed the technology as patents under its own name.


Courts at different levels, said the Dutch company, have reviewed "a great deal of evidence… [and] with thorough and careful examination, the highest court in China made its final decisions in favour of VMI."


VMI went on to note that further legal actions are continuing between the two parties and emphasised its determination "to protect its IP in any court of any jurisdiction."


ERJ has requested a statement from SafeRun about the latest court ruling.