Technical Fields:

  1. Chemical Process
  2. Microbiology
  3. Virology
  4. Medical Science
  5. Pharmaceuticals
  6. Biotechnology

Professional Experience:

Ms. Tan graduated from Hunan University in 1995 with Master's degrees in both Bioengineering and Chemical Process. She served previously as a legal assistant in China Resources Pharmaceutical Group Limited and assisted in patent invalidations and infringement lawsuits. She formally practiced in the area of intellectual property in 1997. Over the years, Ms. Tan has successfully handled hundreds of patent applications and design applications, and has supported over 50 infringement litigations. She has gained extensive experience in assisting clients in protecting their legal rights.


After joining Chuanmo, Ms. Tan has represented clients in a wide range of technical fields, and is particularly specialized in the fields of chemical engineering, polymer materials, genetic engineering and cytobiology, etc. She is experienced in drafting, response to office action, patent search, patent reexamination, patent invalidation and patentability analysis. Moreover, as a good communicator, she has successfully led her team to complete a great number of patent search projects and counseled clients with the best solutions and thus won the clients' trust and praise. In addition, Ms. Tan was also invited to conduct trainings and lectures on intellectual property protection in many companies and universities.