Technical Fields:

  1. Environmental Geochemistry
  2. Environment Monitoring
  3. Organic Pollution Chemistry
  4. Food Technology

Professional Experience:

Ms. Hu studied in China University of Geosciences of environmental engineering in Wuhan Province from 2009 to 2013. She is proficient in environmental geochemistry, environmental engineering of microbiology and experiment, environment monitoring, organic pollution chemistry. From 2013 to 2016, she was studying for master's degree in environmental biology at Nanjing University. Ms. Hu used to work for an international IP firm as a foreign patent analyst, providing services for clients including but not limited to Beijing Didi Infinity Technology and Development Co., Ltd., Shanghai United Imaging Healthcare Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Voxtech Co., Ltd., Marvell and so on. 


After joining Chuanmo, with solid knowledge of patent and considerable practical experience, she focuses on patent mining, patentability analysis, patent drafting, FTO search, patent transaction and licensing. So far, Ms. Hu has handled a number of in-house and foreign patent applications, especially Japanese patent applications, concentrating on patent drafting, office action replying, patent reexamination. She has become a patent attorney with good experience and understanding of intellectual law, knowing well about both in-house and foreign patent application process and regulations.