Technical Fields:

  1. Trademark Opposition
  2. Trademark Litigation
  3. Copyright
  4. Trade Secrets
  5. Unfair Competition
  6. Contract Disputes

Professional Experience:

Mr. Hu graduated from Beijing Foreign Studies University and has been engaged in trademark and copyright agency business at home and abroad. Until now he has over 12 years of practical experience. He is an expert in handling trademark opposition, review of refusal, invalidation and litigation, successfully represented many trademark infringement cases for enterperises from small to large. For a long time he has been provided clients with services of trademark defense registration and monitoring, well-known trademark identification, trademark infringement and protection. In addition, Mr. Hu has accumulated rich experience in trade secrets, copyrights, unfair competition, and contract disputes.


Mr. Hu has good quality of pragmatic and down-to-earth of Fujianese. He always treads patiently and meticulously. With his solid theoretical knowledge of domestic trademark protective rules and the relevant legal regulations, he provides pertinent legal advice and effective solutions based on the actual situation of different clients. Meanwhile, Mr. Hu has never stopped studying and actively participated in various trademark trainings organized by the CTMO and striving to provide clients with more comprehensive and professional trademark services.