Chuanmo Intellectual Property Law Firm - TEAM


Yitong Xiao

Technical Fields: 

Trademark Prosecution, Trademark Refusal Review, Trademark Search, Trademark Invalidation Declaration, Trademark Infringement Analysis

Professional Experience:

Mr. Xiao graduated from Changsha University, majoring in law. Since 2008 entered the trademark service industry, he has been in Changsha Dinghong Intellectual Property Agency Co., Ltd. working as a Trademark Department Manager, with 9 years of trademark work experience. He is well versed in the various practice of trademark processing, and conducts trademark searches and approximate judgments according to the requirements of clients, and provides trademark application and document drafting service. He has considerable experience in hearing, collecting and investigating evidence in trademark dispute cases, including trademark refusal review, revocation, opposition, invalidation and litigation.

Mr. Xiao regularly handle the Madrid procedures and has dealt with legal services relating to trademark infringement; he is good at communicating with clients, and is responsible for handling international trademark and patent applications, communicating and coordinating with foreign clients on the new trademark applications, renewal, opposition and other processes. Besides, he provides planning and suggestions for the worldwide trademark registration and intellectual property protection of domestic trademark, and is highly trusted and recognized by clients.